Waterproof Under Car Inspection 1080P HD Digital Double Cameras DVR System with 7″ LCD Monitor

Product Description

Product Description
The World First 1080P Dual Digital HD Under Vehicle Inspection Camera System with HDMI Output

Digital HD inspection camera System/ under vehicle inspection camera system/dual HD camera insepction camera

Product Description
Digital HD inspection camera System/ under vehicle inspection camera system/dual HD camera insepction camera system
Model number:H2D-300

Why Choose This Product ?
The world’s first dual digital camera inspection system

7″ 1080P full HD inspection camera dvr for under vehicle and overhead place checking.
1st camera:3.0 Mega 16 LED camera with shock-resistant design.
2nd camera:3.0 Mega 6 LED camera Φ18mm with 0.5m flexible pole.

One camera comes with goose neck pipe, thus you can inspect Attic and loft, narrow pipe and so on;

Another comes with 360degree all Terrain wheels, thus you can easily probe under car, under boat…

2m Aluminum telescopic pole without joggle
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This item is not only a machine, its multiple functions extend your hand and eyes for better view.

Outstanding features of H2D-300

Digital HD inspection camera System/ under vehicle inspection camera system/dual HD camera insepction camera system

The latest H2D is a multifunctional 360degree rotating 7″ Vehicle inspection camera monitor system. It is a real 1080P full hd vehicle checking camera.
7″ hd color LCD screen to display live feed at the same time.
Support 64GB SD card storage.
Support Photo, Video and Playback,no any delayed.Good photo and video as iphone.
One-button open style patented sunshade and 5000mAh battery+10hours working time make your outdoor working more easy and comfortable;
LEMO HDMI connector ,it is durable and won’t fall off easily.
2 meters telescopic pole camera, extend your hands and eyes to every narrow corner to help to take photo or make video easily.
3.0 Mega 16 LED camera with shock-resistant design.
Durable Omni-directional wheels suit for all kinds roads.
Pressure-proof aluminium alloy case good for carry.

1080P HD mini under vehicle inspection camera DVR system
Double HD digital camera for checking.
1st camera:2.5Mega 16 LED camera with universal wheel .
2nd camera:3.0 Mega 6 LED camera Φ18mm with 0.5m flexible pole.
Universal wheel with wear-resisting tires.
Reinforced design passed 10000 times crash testing.
7 inch monitor with sunshade.
Support 64GB storage.
Support HDMI video output.
Support H.264 Video Compression Format.
5000mah li-battery, 8 hours working time.
2m Telescopic Survey Pole for all-purpose usage.
Top grade aluminum allay case
Excellent video and photo as iphone .

Specification of H2D-300

Digital camera for wheels tray Optical Element 1/2.5  CMOS Sensor  SONY
Optical Total Pixels 2.5 Mega :2000(H)×1121(V)
CMOS Sensor Size 5.6mm(H)×3.14mm(V)
LED lamps 16 pcs LED lamps high light
Sensitivity 0.08Lux/F1.2
Lens & View angle 3.6mm F1.2  (H )90 °
HD Video Output Interface FPD-LinkIII
Wheels on the tray Omni-directional wheel
Dimension & Weight 37 x 46mm, 35g(only camera)
Cable(5 Cores High-Speed Line) Diameter:3.5mm   Length:2.7 meters
Mini camera for soft metal pipe Optical Element 1/3 CMOS Sensor
Optical Total Pixels 3.0 Mega:2304(H)×1536(V)
CMOS Sensor Size 5.07mm(H)×3.38mm(V)
LED lamps 6 pcs LED lamps hight light
Sensitivity 0.2Lux/F1.2
Lens & View angle 0.5mm F1.2 90 °
HD Video Output Interface FPD-LinkIII
Dimension & Weight 18 x 28mm, 10g
Cable(5Cores High-Speed Line) Diameter:3.5mm   Length:3meters
Flexible pipe lenth 162.5px of soft metal pipe (total :1250px)
Telescopic Pole Constriction Length:950px Unfolded Length:4750px
HD Video Output HDMI:1920* 1080;1280*720
Video Storage Pixels(16:9) HDMI:1920* 1080;1280*720
Video Compression Format H.264
Video Storage AVI
HD Digital Video Input Interface FPD-LinkIII
Audio Frequency Range 20HZ-20KHz  AAC
Audio Compression Format AAC
Photo Format JPG  3.15 Mega :3200(H)×1800(V)
Storage External SD card TF card  1GB-64GB(Optional)
Operating System Windows & Mac OS
Port USB 2.0
Language Multiple
Voltage DC :7-24V  USB DC:5V
Current(Monitor mode) 600 mA
Current(Video mode) 700 mA
AC Adapter DC 12V  1A
Built-in Battery Li-battery 5000mAh
Record time 8 hours
Dimension: 177mm x120mm x 20mm
Sunshade One-press open sunshade
Weight 350 g

Package Contents –>

– 1080p hd camera with wheels x1
– Waterproof camera with goose neck pole x1
– 7″ HD monitor x1
– 2m Pole x1
– AC adapter x1
– User manual x1
– Brushed aluminum case x1


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