Medical endoscope camera module, 1/18″ CMOS, 4mm wide, 320×240, DC3.5V~5V

Product Description

This camera is the world’s smallest camera, using 1/18” CMOS OV6920/OV6922 chip. The camera outside diameter is only 4mm, able to configure wide-angle lenses and telephoto lenses to observe objects at close range.
The camera is suitable for industrial video endoscope, pipe probe endoscope, vehicle detection endoscope, cylinder testing, video fishing camera, underwater camera, ENT endoscope, intraoral endoscope, medical endoscope, throat endoscope, etc.
The main advantages of this product are: small size, low power consumption, clear imaging.

Sensor: 1/18” CMOS OV6920/OV6922
Horizontal Line: 240TVL
Sensing Area: 820μm×625μm
Signal System: NTSC
Effective Pixel: 320 × 240
AWB: Auto
Electronic Shutter: 1/60S – 5.7μS
SNR: ≥42dB
Gradation: 10th rank
Gamma: 0.45
Dark level: 0.06 Vp-p
Scanning Frequency: H: 15.7343KHz, V: 60Hz
Minimum Illumination: 2.0 Lux / F2.0 (0 Lux when the LED is on)
Composite Video Output: 1.0Vp-p 75Ω
Lens: 55°(Outer diameter 4.2mm with 6pcs 0403 LED), or 98°(Outer diameter 4.2mm with 4pcs 0402 LED)
LED lighting: 1mm-80mm (4/6pcs lamps)
Module size: maximum diameter 4mm, length 16 mm (including lens, excluding LED), LED light board thickness 1 mm
LED light board size: Ø4.0mm, thickness 0.5mm
Camera Power Consumption: DC 3.3V–4.2V*70mA(with 75R loading), DC 3.3V–4.2V*20mA(without 75R loading)
LED power consumption: LED – DC 3.3V*40mA; can be adjusted
Operating temperature : -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ RH95% Max