Wireless Video Cameras & Wireless Video Systems

We offer a wide-range of Wireless Video Cameras & Wireless Video Systems for almost any video application where running cabling is not an option. Our  Transmitters & Receivers are available in 400Mhz-800Mhz, 900Mhz, 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz and custom frequencies. We specialize in Wireless Video Cameras & Wireless Video Systems where others fail. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing custom wireless video solutions our custom designed made-to-order video systems will provide the best wireless video solution from your camera to monitor. Life-Time technical support with all our products.

  • Encrypt 2W 1.2G 2000mW Wireless FPV A/V Audio Video Image Transmitter Receiver TX/RX non-interfering
    This set can only be one transmitter to one receiver, not available for several transmitters to one receiver!


Specialty Wireless Video Systems

We offer a wide range of Specialty Custom Wireless Video Systems for almost any requirement. Our Wireless Video Cameras & Wireless Video Systems can be custom designed for mini hidden wireless camera,Livestock Cameras, Birthing Cameras, Farming, Ranch, Target Shooting Camera systems, In-Car Elevator Camera systems, Race Car Camera systems, Speed Boat Cameras, Helmet Mounted Camera systems, Wildlife Camera systems and Wireless Video Systems for Broadcast applications.

  • Wireless PTZ Data Links

    Our Wireless PTZ Data Links are the perfect answer for wireless PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) function control of most any PTZ camera. The Wireless PTZ Data Links provide point to point or point to multi point wireless system control from 7 miles to 20miles clear-line-of-sight range. These 900Mhz Wireless PTZ Data Links support up to 25 cameras in the same general area and are Plug & Play for easy installation. Each Wireless PTZ Data Links system includes a complete base and camera unit or when using point to multi point additional PTZ cameras only require a single camera unit.

portable video recorder

portable mini DVR for any mobile application,high resolution Button Wide Angle CameraMini Covert Body Police Camera mini camera with button camera mini camera,Micro portable 3G camera video recorder,Law Enforcement Recorder,HD meeting Camera with Remote Controller Motion Detection Night visionIR-CUT of hidden body camera,Hidden Camera Button Police Camera,Wearable Body Audio Video Recorder ,Let us build a custom built  video camera record system for you.

  • portable button camera DVR HD body camera police camera

customized li-ion battery power solutions

Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting 12V Rechargeable li-ion battery,polymer lithium battery.Lithium Ion Batteries Lithium Polymer Batteries,Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries,High Discharge Power Tool Batteries,SolarPower,4.2 V battery .6.4 V rechargeable lithium ion batterypack,8.4 V  battery, 5 V  battery. 9 V  battery.12 V battery,  24 V battery with all kinds of plug such as two pin plug,4 pin terminal female socket connector,3 pin plug,Banana Plug,T plug,Deans Plug,DC plug,Tamiya Plug,XT60 plug,XR plug,Banana3.5mm Plug,5.5*2.1mm jack andplug,PH2.0-2P plug and so on for any applications.Like POS Machine ,GPS equipment ,cctv camera,LED lamp,electric scooter,heated hat,UPS Solar Systemstreet light,CCTV/IP camera, Router,medical device,solar energy storage,electric airsoft gun,home appliance,hand-held tester,ups power,Solar Lights and so on.If your product requires a reliable power solution let us assist you with you project.Please see the CONTACT US at the top of the page or call us and we will assist you with your custom battery packs power solutions.

  • DC-168 1800mAh 12V Mini li-ion battery for Lan router, LED strip , Camera system
    DC-168 1800mAh li-ion 12V blue mini battery

  • OEM Customize Li-ion battery
    12V Polymer Li-ion battery

specialty lens small camera board and mini wireless video transmitter
Our pinhole cameras provide a cost-effective option for surveillance for video applications that require a camera with the capability to see through tiny openings, or a hidden board camera. Due to their very small size, our selection of board cameras enable you to embed a hidden spy camera into almost any type of object. Board cameras are an ideal choice for a wide range of covert surveillance installations, wearable covert systems, as well as educational projects and CCTV prototypes. Our board cams are suited to a wide variety of applications, including recreational use in RC planes, medical imaging in hospitals, quality control monitoring by manufacturers, and military use in covert operations and UAVs.

Deepwest video provides free of charge consulting about lenses, illumination and optical components. In addition we offer a wide range of optical products.You’re searching products you couldn’t find yet? Ask us! What we can’t offer you yet, we’ll find for you. Name the product specs and the target price – usually we can provide the desired product.
Premium quality meets terrific affordability at Deepwest Video, the ideal choice for ordering high resolution CCTV lenses online. From board to zoom lenses, CS mount lenses to lens holders, you’ll find them all here on our digital shelves. Manufactured from durable materials that include glass optics and metal housings, every item delivers with great imagery and long-lasting reliability.Megapixel Low Distortion Board Lenses,Megapixel Board Lenses,10 Megapixel Board Lenses,Fisheye Board Lenses,Light Sensitive Board Lenses,8 Megapixel C-Mount Lenses5 MP High-Res Machine Vision Lenses,Megapixel C-Mount Lenses,Megapixel Low Distortion CCTV Lenses (ND series)Fisheye C-Mount Lenses,The Super Wide Angle No Distortion Lenses,Lens Holders,Adapters for S-Mount, C-Mount, CS-Mount.All Products Megapixel Fisheye Lenses ,Megapixel S-Mount(M12x0.5) Board Lenses Low Distortion Megapixel M12/CS Mount Lenses,Megapixel M10/M9/M8/M7/M6/M5 Mount,Lenses,MedicalLenses,Video Lenses,Pinhole Lenses,C Mount Lenses,Megapixel Vari-focal M12/D14 Mount Lenses,Megapixel Vari-Focal C/CS Mount Lenses,Megapixel Fixed/Mono-Focal CS Mount Lenses,Vari-Focal CS Mount Lenses,Fixed/Mono-Focal CS Mount Lenses,Video Camera Module,Lens Holder/IR-Cut Filter Switch,Infrared Filter (IR-Cut Filter)
we also provide FM mini video transmitter and receiver which is light weight and small size from 400Mhz to 800Mhz ,0.9Mhz,1.2Ghz.2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz and 2.4G wifi that widely used in FPV camera,wireless doordell,wireless baby monitor,wireless car camera and so on.

  • 2.4G 20mw FM wireless video transmitter module

  • 5.8G 8CH FM wireless video transmitter module

  • M12 25mm pinhole lens
    M12 25mm pinhole lens

  • M12 70mm pinhole lens
    M12 70mm pinhole lens