M12 IR-Cut Filter Switch, 650nm IR-CUT filter+AR IR CUT Removable module (ICR)

all types of lenses. CCTV lenses, Megapixel lenses, machine vision lenses, varifocal lenses, pinhole lenses, monofocal lenses

Product Description

M12 mounted IR-Cut Filter Switch, with double IR-CUT filters, designed for special applications
Suitable for Sensors: SONY IMX122, SONY IMX136, AR0130, OV9712
Model: C69(V2) / ICR204-M12
Filters: 650nm IR CUT filter(Day) + AR filter(Night)
Metal Holder hole distance: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm optional
This product is suitable for high definition SDI cameras, high definition IP cameras, the pure analog cameras, consumer IP camera, etc. in CCTV surveillance industry. it can solve the problem of the camera image partial color in the daytime and infrared effect weak in the evening,etc.

IR CUT Removable module parameter
Filter can use effective area: 8.0*8.0mm
Operating environment: temperature -20~70℃; humidity 10~85%
Consumed power: 0.417w At input 5V
Rated current moment: 0.084A At input 5V
Consumed power: 2.4w At input 12V
Rated current moment: 0.2A At input 12V
A direct current resistance: 60Ω ±10%
Drive voltage: 5-12V
Pulse time : 100-500ms
Storage environment: temperature -30~70℃; humidity 10~85%

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