LawMate® PV-500L3 Camera / DVR Combo Kit

LawMate® PV-500L3 Camera / DVR Combo Kit

Product Description

LawMate® PV-500L3 Camera & DVR Combo Kit

The PV-500L3 KIT is supplied with a BU-18 Colour camera and a PV-500Lite DVR, and everything you need to start capturing covert video and audio. This kit is a high quality product from LawMate® and can be used by anyone. This kit also includes a number of false buttons which fit over the camera lens so you can fit the camera to any garment for body worn applications.


Small Palm Sized Digital Video Recorder
IR Remote Controller
New Touch Screen Controls
High HD Resolution 1080p With New Button Camera Kit
Time Stamp Functionality
Built-in AGC Microphone
Regulated Playing Speed
Continuous Recording/Motion Detection/Overwrite Functionality
USB Connection, SD Card Storage
Color 2.4 inch TFT Display
Compatible with Analog Cameras
Easy to use interface
Delete files on device
Reformat SD Card on Device

Lawmate PV500 Lite Pocket DVR
Lawmate BU-18 Button Camera Kit
IR Controller
USB Cable
DC 5V Charger
Carrying Case
Li-ion Battery
AV Cables
Cable Controller
PV500 Lite Manual