Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera System

Product Description

Product Description
Wireless underwater fishing camera system

Model Name: Vis Fish 2

Vis Fish 2 is our latest new innovation wireless video fishing camera system. It is NOT the same as the common fishing camera products in the market, it doesn’t need any long cable for connection. This is a new creative item, which is a 1.2G wireless frequency real-time receiving.

What’s more, it is very easy to install it into your own fishing lines, and also very easy to uninstall from your fishing wires. It is very flexible and you can keep with your own fishing equipments.

Vis Fish 2 has 6 patents in total, it is include a wireless camera, a fishing transmit float and a 5 inch LCD color monitor. It is packaged with a delicate aluminum case. And we have designed a power bank site in the case, you can charge the camera or DVR at anytime with your power bank.

Just connect it to your own fish wires and enjoy your fishing time!

Main Features

1). Patented wireless float with underwater fishing camera design.
2). Visual Fishing new structure disconnect-type, it is easy to connect and disconnect with your existing fish wires.
3). 5 inch TFT color monitor built-in 1.2GHz video receiver, come with sun shield.
4). Over 30m wireless transmission distance for fishing.
5). Default lamp is 8pcs IR(infrared lamp) ensure wonderful fishing experience at days and nights.
6). Waterproof and durable aluminum alloy material on the camera body.
7). Lightweight and small size, which is very convenient for you to carry anywhere you want.


DVR (2 patents)
Screen Size
5 inch screen, 108mm * 64.8mm
800*480 pixels
Built-in Receiver
1.2GHz 24 CHs
Receiver Channels
A1:1080 MHz; A2:1120MHz; A3:1160MHz; A4:1200MHz
A5:1240 MHz; A6: 1280MHz; A7:1320MHz; A8:1360MHz
Video in/ Video Out Format
DC5V / 660mA
3200mAh Li-battery
Working Time
≥6 hours
Other accessories
Removeable sun visor
Wireless float with underwater camera (4 patents)
Camera Transmitter
1.2GHz 100mw built in the float
The Cable between TX to Camera
Camera Size
90° lens
Video Resolution
Photo Resolution
720mAh Li-battery
Working Time
4 hours
Transmission Range
Detailed Images

Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera & Transmitter Float

Vis Fish 2 has mini wireless camera size, the camera is only 33*19mm which is very very small, and it has built-in 8pcs IR(infrared lamp) for good night vision underwater.

It is connect with the fishing transmission float head, the connection cable is about 2 meters, you can package them with a winding board.

Besides, he camera and wireless transmit float have 4 patents.

The wireless fishing float is built-in a 100mw transmitter inside, it support over 30 meters long distance transmit. Besides, it has built-in 720mAh li-battery which support over 4 hours working time.

There is a charging port in the float, another is the channels setting buttons. You can adjust the buttons to switch different wireless frequency channels.

The wireless DVR receiver has 5 inch LCD color screen with removable sun shield, it has built-in 3200mAh li-battery which can support over 6 hours working time.

Besides, it supports maximum 32GB memory card extension, you can take your picture and recording video seamlessly.

Your brand Logo is able to set on the screen when turn it on & off.

Product Application
Ideal for monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, ocean/ice/lake fishing, underwater salvage, etc.

26 (L) * 20 (W) * 10 (D)
1.5 KG
Packaging Details
Aluminum alloy case x 1

5 inch LCD monitor x 1
Underwater camera x 1
Transmission float x 1
Antenna x 1
Charging cable x 1
USB cable x 1
AC adapter x 1
Fishing swivels x 1
8 word ring x 1
Fishing space bean x 4
Winding board x 1

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