Product Description

Lawmate™ PV-500W WiFi Portable DVR w/ Button Kit
WiFi Enabled Portable DVR with Button / Screw Pinhole Camera:

This WiFi Portable DVR is a one-of-a-kind covert surveillance platform. Never before have we been able to offer such versatility in a very small package. Use your smart phone or tablet to control all of the DVR settings AND watch live video from across the room or nearby.

The included button camera is one of the most popular types of covert cameras we sell and is a favorite of law enforcement and agents worldwide. With the removable lens covers you’ll be able to choose from 3 types of shirt buttons and two types of screws. And of course, you can build this into a custom application as most people do.
1080P Resolution
Pinhole CMOS Camera
Shirt Button Lens Cover w/ Extra Buttons
Screw Head Lens Cover w/ Extra Buttons
WiFi Control Using Smartphone / Tablet
Time & Date Overlay
28 Frames Per Second
0.003 Lux @ F2.0
AVI & MPEG File Formats
4.5 Hour Charging Time
200 Minute Battery Life

Simplify Your Undercover Videos
The PV-500W enables you to control and watch a live video feed from your DVR from nearby. This can come in handy when using confidential informants or inexperienced investigators. Easily control the video and watch for signs of trouble so that you can intervene.
WiFi DVR Configuration and Download
Easily configure your DVR for each scenario and download captured footage straight to your smart phone. Upload video directly to your agency’s server or send to others with a need to know BEFORE you get back to the office.
Stealth WiFi SSID
The PV-500W does send out a WiFi signal but it doesn’t have to shout that it’s nearby. Once setup is complete you can make the SSID identifier invisible to other smart phones nearby so that your secret is safe.
Standalone Operation
Once you’ve set up your DVR with the time / date and recording mode you don’t have to use the WiFi app to enable recording. Onboard buttons let you start and stop recording without the need of a WiFi connect.


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