PV-500 Lite 3 Motion Detection DVR + 480 Res Button Camera Kit

PV-500 Lite 3 Motion Detection DVR + 480 Res Button Camera Kit

Product Description

The PV500 Lite 3 invented by LawMate is a first level law enforcement grade pocket digital video recorder built and designed from the ground up for professional covert video surveillance operations. This portable pocket DVR records at 720x480p @30 fps. With time and date stamping, this rugged unit will serve your covert video operational functions well. With the PV500 Lite 3 release, we are happy to report this third generation pocket digital video recorder has touch screen controls and features! With it’s ability to record continuously or be set to motion activation, it can be used for both bodywear walk around covert video applications or stationary in place covert video operations. There is even a wireless remote control that can turn recording mode on and off. This micro sized DVR is really small! Just a little smaller than a package of cigarettes, the PV500 Lite 3 will actually slide perfectly into a card pack or a pack of empty cigarettes. Since memory storage is on a micro SD card, there is virtually no memory limitations. If you start to run out of memory space, just remove the micro SD card and place another one inside it. This also gives you the ability to segment your surveillance case evidence files when you are working on more than one case. Provides fast USB upload connection to your computer or digital device. The PV500 Lite 3 is best suited with a wide selection of LawMate grade digital video cameras but will also work with analog cameras.

PV-500L3 Manual

Small Palm Sized Digital Video Recorder
IR Remote Controller
New Touch Screen Controls
High Resolution 720 x 480 (30 fps)
Time Stamp Functionality
Built-in AGC Microphone
Regulated Playing Speed
Continuous Recording/Motion Detection/Overwrite Functionality
USB Connection, SD Card Storage
Color 2.4 inch TFT Display
Compatible with Analog Cameras
Easy to use interface
Delete files on device
Reformat SD Card on Device

LCD Display: 2.4 inch TFT LCD
Picture Resolution: 720×480
Frame Rate: 30 fps
TV Output: NTSC/PAL Adjustable
Video Format: AVI, MPEG
Storage Format: FAT32, NTFS
Card Reader: SD, Micro SD
Remote Control: IR Remote Control
Wire Control: Power ON/OFF Wire Pilot Control
PC Interface: Mini USB 2.0
Microphone: AGC Quality
File Generation Gap Time: 3 seconds
Storage Ratio: 13MB per minute
Operation Time: CCD Camera: 200 min, CMOS Camera: 250 min
Battery Life: 200 min
Charging Time: 4.5 Hour
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery: 2200mA/4400mA
Speaker S/N: >95 dB
Power Supply Voltage: DC 5V
Power Supply Current: Recording: 600 mAH, Playback: 480 mAH
Memory: SD and Micro SD
Dimensions: 85 x 55 17 mm
Weight: 62g

IR Controller
USB Cable
DC 5V Charger
Carrying Case
Li-ion Battery
Cable Controller
PV500 Lite Manual


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