LawMate® TBR-2455 | 2.4GHz A/V Wireless Kit

LawMate® TBR-2455 | 2.4GHz A/V Wireless Kit

Product Description

LawMate TBR-2455 2.4 GHz 500mW A/V Wireless Kit

Main Features

  • Wired covert cameras doubles their value when working in conjunction with the portable wireless A/V transmitter
    and receiver kit and become wireless cameras
  • Brilliant looking and rugged design made by Mag-Aluminium alloy housing, compact enough to carry and a great solution for heat sink
  • Both Transmitter and Receiver utilizes 2200mAh ultra high capacity removable standard FUJI camcorder lithium battery
  • Single general stereo jack socket on transmitter for A/V signal output and power supply, hassle free on cable plugging
  • Friendly operated by power/charge LED and low-batt. vibration alert while along with the easy CH-Dip-Switch via equipped sticker tool

Technical Specifications




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