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Lawmate PV50 Digital Video Recorder

Lawmate PV50 Digital Video Recorder

Product Description

Lawmate PV50 Digital Video Recorder

The Lawmate PV50 is a matchbox sized digital video recorder with built-in rechargeable battery.

Simply connect any Lawmate analogue spy camera in to the PV50 DVR and start recording on to any MicroSD memory card up to 32gb.

Very simply and easy to use, the PV50 has one button to turn it on/off and another to start/stop recording.

A wired remote controller is supplied with the DVR and also comes with cables for connecting to a computer for data file access.

Also supplied with clip holder and protective case.

PV-50 Spec Sheet

1 x Lawmate PV50 DVR
1 x DVR Shirt Clip
1 x Wired Remote Controller
1 x Protective Case
1 x USB Data/Charging Cable
1 x 4gb MicroSD Card


lawmate-pv50-case-500x500 (1) lawmate-pv50-cables-500x500 (1) lawmate-pv50-500x500 (1) lawmate-pv50-side-500x500 lawmate-pv50-input-500x500 lawmate-pv50-in-hand-500x500 lawmate-pv50-holder-500x500