Lawmate PV-50U with CM-BU18

Lawmate PV-50U with CM-BU18

Product Description

The PV-50U Kit is the smallest DVR we currently have from Lawmate, and also the kit that is perfect for low budget needs. It is a convenient one button operable DVR with camera that comes with a strong flat swivel mount.

The PV-50U DVR is a matchbox sized (75*40*15 mm) mini DVR that is compatible with Lawmates analogue cameras (BU-19, ER-18, HB-20, NT-18, CM-DC10..). The recording can be done via the instant recording button or the controller cable that can be connected directly to the DVR. The device supports 120-150 min of continuous recording and has an overwrite switch. Every video is approx. 30 min in lenght.
It comes with a 16 GB, and supports up to 32 GB SD carts. Moreover, the DVR is recognized as a “removable drive” by the PC, which enables you to copy/paste the needed files between your computer and the DVR. (SD card has to remain in the DVR for that purpose).
The CM-BU18 is a high resolution CMOS button camera with built-in microphone, and built-in interchangeable NTSC/PAL switch. It has a min. illumination of 0.3 Lux and an angle of view of 78 degrees.

PV-50U KIT Features:

  • Matchbox size DVR
  • Analogue camera compatible
  • Instant record button
  • Direct connection to cable controller
  • Overwrite & Vibration ON/OFF functions
  • NTSC/PAL Video Input
  • Built-in Interchangeable NTSC/PAL switch in camera
  • Built-in Microphone in camera
  • Interchangeable covert head
>>Illustration from Quick Manual<<

PV-50U Specifications:

Video Input: NTSC/PAL
Resolution: NTSC: 720*480 / PAL:720576
Frame rate: NTSC: 30FPS / PAL: 25FPS
Date/Time Table: YYYY:MM:DD for Windows
Storage Capcity: Supports up to 32 GB SD Cards
Vibration Alert: Yes
Overwrite: Yes
PC Interface: USB 2.0
Power Consumption: 290mA – 370mA
Recording Time: CMOS: 150 min / CCD: 120 min
Dimensions: 75*40*15 mm
Weight: 48 g

CM-BU18 Specifications:

Number of efective pixels: NTSC:720H x 480V; PAL:720H x 576V
Image Sensor: 1/4 Inch CMOS
Resolution: 480 TV Line
MIN Illumination : 0.3 Lux/ F2.0
Focal lenght: 4.3 mm
Angle of View : 78°
Dimensions : 21*21*11 mm
Warranty 24 Months.
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