LawMate® PV-500EVO2U | Full HD DVR

LawMate® PV-500EVO2U | Full HD DVR

Product Description

LawMate PV-500EVO2 Full HD DVR

The PV-500EVO2 is a professional pocket high definition (HD) 1080p DVR.
This touch screen DVR is small enough to fit into a standard cigarette pack, features an on/off/start/stop recording remote, is compatible with a 2MP camera and more.

The unit can be controlled with an IR remote control and works with both digital and analog cameras!
Pair it with the CMD-BU13LX for true HD covert video!

Main Features

3″ LCD, touch screen operation
Digital camera input ready
Supports CMD-BU13LX
Multiple password protection
Digital and analogue duo input
Supports up to 32GB SDHC
Cable controller ready
Operational log file


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