LawMate® ENTR-1218 | Wireless Encryption & Decryption Kit

LawMate® ENTR-1218 | Wireless Encryption & Decryption Kit

Product Description

LawMate ENTR-1218 | Wireless Encryption & Decryption Kit

Main Features

  • Advanced digitally encryption method to provide secured video images over RF transmission mediums preventing general interception
  • Brilliant looking and rugged design made by Mag-Aluminium alloy housing
  • Compact enough to carry and great solution for heat sink
  • Using the “Cut and Rotate” encoded method the encrypted video can then be transmitted securely
  • Common RCA AV connector applied on both transmitter & receiver for instant installation and friendly use
  • RF 1W Powerful TX & RX installed, work with the match-up for each other seamlessly and better stability

Technical Specifications


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