HD Button Camera Covert Cam for PV500 EVO II 2 (720P)

HD Button Camera Covert Cam for PV500 EVO II 2 (720P)

Product Description

Pair this new HD button screw camera kit with the PV500 EVO 2 or the PV-1000T for true 720p high definition video.

The HD Button Covert Camera is a 720p high resolution digital camera built specifically for covert recording. The 5 interchangeable covert lens covers, three button types and two screw types, allows this camera to remain hidden in almost any situation. This camera features both built-in and external microphones, and WDR technology for superior quality in both dark and light, indoors or outdoors.

Note: A firmware upgrade is required to use this camera with your EVO 2 or PV1000 Touch DVR.
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

HD Button Camera Covert Cam

This product provides lighting enhance functionality to provide clear images with excessive back light. Mainly, this functionality is to auto-adjust lighting/exposure in the dark and light area of the captured picture. WDR functionality enables the capture and display of both bright areas and dark areas in the same frame, in a way that there are details in both areas, i.e. bright areas are not saturated, and dark areas are not too dark.


  • WDR Picture and Video quality
  • AGC Microphone built-in and external connection
  • High resolution digital recording and snapshot
  • Compatible with wire controller and remote controller
  • Miniature size, button design for convert operation
  • NTSC/PAL setting UI interface on portable DVR
  • Works in dark and light, indoor and outdoor
  • Interchangeable covert head
  • Easy installation with standard mini HDMI jack

How to use buttons: