HD 2MP IR CUT filter M12*0.5 lens mount double filter switcher for cctv camera

HD 2MP IR CUT filter M12*0.5 lens mount double filter switcher for cctv camera

Product Description

2MP IR-CUT filter for HD Megapixel IP camera or HD CCTV camera, CS lens mount.

Uses: Because the CMOS megapixel sensor in the infrared will change color when turned on,
use a IR CUT module, can get the best imaging results.

Use for: HD IP camera or HD analog camera

1. Fixed daytime color cast problems, enhancing the brightness at night.
IR-CUT filter switch automatically according to external light along with the strength of automatic switching,
making the image to achieve the best results. That is, during the day or night,
the dual filter can automatically switch filters, therefore, whether in the next day or night,
can get the best imaging results.

2. According to the instruction automatic switch infrared cut-off and the full spectrum glass,
day and night switch, automatic positioning,
in order to achieve infrared end filter work during the day time,
sunshine is vivid, restore the true color. Full spectrum glass work at night,
and increase low illumination, night vision is very clear.

3. Use on the camera board, to modify the problem of partial color, out of focus,
let video images do not lose focus, unbiased color and excellent resolution.

4. To filter the hard light to make the picture color soft, to accieve human eyes visual color.

Packaging included:
1pcs IR-CUT M12*0.5 lens mount holder(plastic)