HD 16Megapixel 3.8mm Action Camera Lens 4K F2.8 M12 Low Distortion For Hero 4 Black Camera Sports Action Cameras,Drones,UAVS

Product Description

3.8mm Lens is a new and direct replacement for most action cameras like the GoPro Hero 4, SJCAM, XIAOMI YI and drones. 16MP high resolution, low distortion, wider than popular 4.35mm and 5.4mm lens.

Technical specs:
1) Focal Length: 3.8mm Lens
2) Distortion: <2.8%
3) Black Vignetting: NO
4) Field of View (D*H*V): 95°*82°*65°
5) Aperture: F2.8
6) Back Focal Length(BFL): 5.59mm
7) Native Camera Sensor Support: 1/2.3″
8) Native Megapixel Support: 16MP
9) Thread Material: Metal, Optics Material: Glass
10) Day night IR filters
11) Size: φ 20(Top)*20.78(Height)*φ12(Bottom)
12) Applications: Hero 4 Black & Silver, Hero 3+ Black & Silver,
Hero 3 Black, Silver, White RibCage Modified GoPro Hero 4/3+/3 Black

HD 16Megapixel 3.8mm 4K Lens DV Action Sports Camera Lens: