HD 0.7X-4.5X 180X Zoon C-Mount Parallel light Lens for Industry Microscope Camera Glass Lens 40mm / 50mm Ring

Product Description

Mini Lensare a monocular continuous zooming Lens, using with the high definition colour CCD or CMOS camera & TV or LCD together. Having long working distance, wide field of view; fine definition image. According to the different requirement in different condition, the user can select the supplementary objective: 0.3X,0.5X,0.75X,1X,1.5X,2X (Standard optional only 1X, if you want other size please contace with us ) and CCD adapter: 0.35X,0.5X,0.75X,1.5X,2X(Standard optional only 0.5X, if you want other size please contace with us ) a. There are also several kinds of illumination: double illumination,ring fluorescent illumination, or fiber optics light. It also can use with the image data analyzing system.


The lens with face window and side face window
Can magnify the side face of item by 2pcs reflectors
zoom c-mount Lens
0.5X C-mount adapter
Objective Magnification Power by 0.7 – 4.5X(about 10 – 180X on the display)
Zoom Rate:6.5:1
Working distance:W.D.95mm, holder diameterĪ¦28mm,
Focus Fine:any position focus of C/CS Mount
Iris Adj:high definition and high depth of focus
Large depth of field
with fine-tuning manual iris ring
Standard optional:0.5X CCD Adapter (Standard optional only 0.5X, if you want other size please contact with us )
Length: 160mm(L)
Ring: suit for 40MM / 50MM hold ring stand ( We will sent you a ring adapter for free )

Package incluede:

1 x C-MOUNT Lens
1 x 1X Lens
1 x 40mm to 50mm ring adapter


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