Product Description

The color spy button camera BU-18 from Lawmate technology is a 550 TV lines of resolution pinhole camera set that can change appearance in just a few seconds with a simple adjustment. The color pinhole camera features a threaded lens that you can attach a button or screw head to. The color spy button camera has 2 sizes of buttons and 2 different screw heads so that you can blend into any environment imaginable. It also includes several extra buttons to be sewn on a shirt or jacket and several extra screw heads for use in stationery covert surveillance.

You MUST use a Lawmate Portable DVR with this Camera
This is NOT a Stand Alone Covert Camera
At 550 lines resolution this camera system is the best quality you can get at this size. Using a Sony chipset with Exview technology and a Lux level of .1 and an f-stop of 1.2, you’ll be able to capture video surveillance in even dimly lit situations. The threaded pinhole lens is 4.3 mm offering a viewing angle of 80°. The 2.5 mm cable attached to the camera plugs directly into any Lawmate portable digital video recorder. If you have an existing DVR with RCA type inputs there is an adapter cable included as well as a 9 V battery holder.

Operation is simple:

Choose a shirt, jacket or other piece of clothing.
Attach the included extra buttons.
Place the spy button camera through an empty buttonhole.
Attach the 2.5 mm cable from the camera to your DVR
Press record and capture full-color video footage.

Other uses
Use the button lens on a purse.
Use the button lens on a backpack.
Use the button lens on a day planner.
Use the button camera lens on a stuffed animal.

PAL/NTSC compatible
768 x 582 picture element
550 TV lines of resolution
1/3 inch Sony ex-view image sensor
40 dB signal-to-noise ratio
0.1 lux minimum illumination requirement
5 volt power requirement
Draws 250 mA of current
Dimensions: 29 x 25 x 19 mm
Weight 30 g

Included in the box
1 threaded pinhole camera lens
4 threaded button heads of various sizes
4 screw heads of various sizes
1 2.5 mm 2 USB female video adapting cable
9 V battery holder

Tech Note
Body worn spy cameras and cameras in general give off a certain amount of heat. Some people are more sensitive to heat than others so it’s advisable to test the camera before you use it in a real-life situation. If needed, attach a piece of felt or cloth to the back of the camera to create a buffer between yourself and the camera.

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