7.5MM 3MP M12 lens
7.5MM 3MP M12 lens7.5MM 3MP M12 lens7.5MM 3MP M12 lens

7.5MM 3MP M12 lens

7.5MM 3MP M12 lens

Product Description


Our new 7.5mm F3.0 1/2.5′ 3MP Low Profile M12 Lens. This tiny lightweight lens is a perfect companion for your new Ribcage! Weighing a mere 2 grams it brings the total weight of the Ribcage to 88 grams when installed (with tripod mount and CS/C rings removed). This makes it perfect for UAV flying on small craft. Another great benefit to this lens is that it fits in the Hero3 waterproof case! If you have an extended backdoor for your case the Ribcage and lens will fit inside so you can shoot underwater. The LCD will not fit due to the slight added thickness of the Ribcage, so the empty space can be filled with foam or the protective plastic cap from your Ribcage kit. Note for Hero3/3+ customers: This lens is intended to be used with Ribcage cameras configured with a removable IR-cut filter. If the IR-cut filter is permanently installed this lens can’t be focused. Hero4 Ribcage cameras can be used with the filter installed.
1x 7.5mm F3.0 1/2.5′ 3MP Low Profile M12 Lens
Focal Length: 7.5mm
Relative Aperture: F3.0
Sensor Size: 1/2.5′
Back Focal Length: 2.85mm
Angle of View: D x H=57°x50°
Optical Distortion: <-1.5%
Definition: For multiple megapixel sensors
IR-Cut: Yes
M12 to CS adapter required?: No
We recommend connecting your camera to a monitor when focusing the lens in order to ensure a perfectly sharp image. Screw the lens in while pointing the camera at a detailed area 10 – 15 feet away until the image becomes clear. Make sure you achieve crisp focus to infinity and across the entire image from left to right and then lock it in with the Ribcage set screw. Tighten only until snug as over-tightening can cause damage. If you don’t have access to a monitor or HDMI cable you can check focus with the mobile app or LCD bacpac. An M12 locking ring is also included for use if desired.


7.5MM 3MP M12 lens 7.5MM 3MP M12 lens 7.5MM 3MP M12 lens