5 Watts 1.2ghz Long Distance Wireless Transmitter Kits With CCD Button Camera

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5 Watts Wireless Transmitter Specification:
1.Working Frequency:1240 1280 1320 1360 MHz
2.Transmit Power:35dBm
3.Output Ohm:50Ω
4.Video Input:Analog AV signal
5.Audio Input:0.1~1.0
6.Working voltage:12VDC600mA
7.Modulate Method:FM
8.Modulate Bandwidth:40MHz
9.Video Standard:PAL/NTSC
10.Working Temperature:-20~+55?C
11,Working range:open area 2000 meters, with interfere: 500 meters
5 Watts Wireless Receiver Specification:
1.Input Frequency:1240 1280 1320 1360 MHz
2.Input Ohm:50Ω
3.Video Standard: PAL/NTSC
4.Video Output: Analog AV signal
5.Working voltage:12VDC600mA
6.Working Temperature:-20~+55?C
CCD Button Camera Specification:
1,420 line CCD Camera
2,Power voltage:12v
3,1/4 CCD sensor
4,With our special jack to contact with transmitter
5,Support PAL/NTSC system
we offer mulriple capacity li-battery for our customer choice, below is the battery capacity options,please select it if you need order


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