32 Chs 5.8GHz 5″ Wireless Monitor Fpv DVR with Sun Shade

Product Description

TE981H is a new generation portable CCTV DVR FPV monitor with one-press open sunshade developed by our company.

It supports both wireless and wired cameras. Frequancy can be 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz. Not only this, it adds new function of photo, loop recording, power saving (auto shutdown, auto off-screen), etc.
This DVR is the ideal choice for security & protection, evidence & investigation,
like police, household, sports, automotive industry, shops, etc…At the same time,
with its stylish and high-end appearance, it also becomes the fashion choice of leisure goods.

Main Features:

– 32chs 5.8Ghz receiver with -88dbi.
– Frequency mode: 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz, it won’t bluescreen when signal weak.
– Mini size and portable recorder with fashionable & new design;
– One-press open sunshade can help you see clear underder sunshine.
– 5-inch HD screen (800X480pix), which provides clear and smooth image;
– Built-in 3200mAh high capacity Li-battery provides super long recording time up to 9.5 hours;
– Supports storage up to 32G TF card, which records up to 32 hours;
– Folding hidden external antenna assures excellent wireless receiving;
– Supports AV IN function: Receiving signal from wired cameras;
– Supports AV OUT function: Connecting big sreen monitor.
– Photo function: It can take, review & store pictures;
– Overwrite: It supports loop recording, which can automatically overwrite when storage is full;
– Seamless continuous record: No intermittent recording, it will not miss any detail and wonderfulness;
– Support power-saving mode: Automatic shutdown, automatic off-screen;
– It’s of high compatibility, which supports almost all computer operating system, including MAC;
– Supports multi-language.

Color Available: Black & White


Package Contents:

– DVR main body * 1 Unit

– User manual * 1 PC

– USB Cable * 1 PC

– AV-IN Cable * 1 PC

– AV-OUT Cable * 1 PC

– AC adapter * 1 unit



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